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Salutation-Lite is a footprint-reduced implementation of the Salutation Architecture. It is intended for the information appliance market, where storage space is limited, communication bandwidth may be low and power consumption is at a premium. Targets appliances are hand-held and palm-sized computers, portable phones, pagers, home appliances and local information servers.

Salutation-Lite may be used as a reference model for beginning a Salutation implementation. Salutation-Lite provides a reference implementation for the Salutation service discovery function. Salutationís availability check and session management may be added to this simple design.

Develop Salutation-Lite

Salutation Lite is licensed under the Salutation-Lite Public License Agreement. If there are capabilities that you would like to see added to Salutation-Lite, consider becoming a part of the Salutation-Lite development process. It's easy to become involved since Salutation-Lite is an open source project.

Get the Source

Salutation-Lite has been implemented on three different reference platforms. The current reference platforms include Windows 95/98/NT, Java, Windows CE. The Windows 95/98/NT code is now available for download. Click here to view a table listing the main differences between the three reference platforms.

To demonstrate Salutation Lite's versatility, the reference platforms employ different transport managers. The Java version utilizes RMI, the Windows CE uses IrDA, and the Windows 95/98/NT version takes advantage of both Ethernet over TCP/IP and IrDA. Salutation-Lite can easily be ported to other platforms and communication protocols.

Salutation-Lite for Windows 95/98/NT Source code modules

For your convenience you can choose to download the source to the following modules for the Salutation-Lite for Windows 95/98/NT code:

Note: By downloading any of the files below you agree to abide my the Salutation-Lite Public License Agreement.

Salutation-Lite for Java and Windows CE

The beta of the Java and Windows CE versions of Salutation-Lite is finished.

Report Bugs

Please e-mail us if you encounter bugs or problems while using the Salutation-Lite code.

In the future, we plan on incorporating a bug tracking program at this site to assist all developers in the use of this code.


Please send comments or inquiries to [email protected]