Salutation-Lite Beta (Members Only)

Salutation-Lite is a footprint-reduced implementation of the Salutation Architecture. It is intended for the information appliance market, where storage space is limited, communication bandwidth may be low and power consumption is at a premium. Targets appliances are hand-held and palm-sized computers, portable phones, pagers, home appliances and local information servers.

Salutation-Lite may be used as a reference model for beginning a Salutation implementation. Salutation-Lite provides a reference implementation for the Salutation service discovery function. Salutationís availability check and session management may be added to this simple design.

Salutation-Lite demonstrates two new proposed Functional Units; [Display] and [Operating Environment].

Salutation-Lite demonstrates two proposed functions designed for limited bandwidth environments; Reply Flavor and Don'tCare Compare algorithm.

Salutation-Lite has been implemented on three different reference platforms. The current reference platforms include Java, Windows CE, and Windows 95/98/NT. To demonstrate Salutation Lite's versatility, the reference platforms employ different transport managers. The Java version utilizes RMI, the Windows CE uses IrDA, and the Windows 95/98/NT version takes advantage of both Ethernet over TCP/IP and IrDA. Salutation- Lite can easily be ported to other platforms and communication protocols.

Beta Code is now available for Members of the Salutation Consortium. Consortium Members may apply to be a Beta Tester and will receive instructions for accessing the code and participating in the program.

You must be a member of the Salutation Consortium to participate in the Salutation- Lite Beta Program.

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