HIGHLAND, UT, August 2, 1999—The Salutation Consortium, a non-profit corporation focused on providing technologies that improve information interchange, announced an ongoing effort with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

The goal of this cooperative effort is to converge the two groups’ service discovery technologies to create a single implementation, making it easier for software developers to write one applications that works in both environments.

The Salutation Consortium has been providing counsel and guidance to the Service Directory taskforce of the Bluetooth SIG’s Software Working Group.

“We are committed to providing a single service discovery technology across communication protocols,” said Robert Pascoe, president of The Salutation Consortium. “Working with Bluetooth enables us to exchange technical requirements and understand business needs in order to provide a universal language for the exchange of information.”

“We are fortunate to have The Consortium’s expertise in our combined work effort,” said Brent Miller, chair of the Bluetooth Service Discovery subcommittee and a senior software engineer in IBM’s Pervasive Computing Technology group. “Their in-depth knowledge and cooperation accelerated the process of demonstrating how to use Salutation technologies in the Bluetooth communications stack.”

A white paper on the topic co-authored by the two groups is available at /whitepaper/BtoothMapping.PDF.

Salutation technology is independent of operating system and communication protocol. This provides for a single-service discovery implementation across devices, applications and services.

The Salutation Consortium is also developing a Salutation “Lite” implementation for Bluetooth and the Infrared Data Association (IrDA), enabling developers to write one common API for both environments.

The Salutation Consortium is a non-profit corporation that promotes and distributes, royalty-free, the Salutation Architecture, a dervice discovery and session management protocol developed by leading information technology companies. It is an open standard independent of operating system, communications protocol or hardware platform.

Member companies include Advanced Peripheral Technologies, Axis Communications, Canon, Fuji Xerox, Ltd., Fujitsu Limited, Granite Systems, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Konica, Matsushita Electric Industrial co. Mita Industrial Co., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Murata Machinery, Ltd., Oki Data Corp., Ricoh Company, Seiko Epson Corp., Sharp Corporation, Toshiba Corp., Xerox Corp.

Information about the salutation Architecture is available at http://.

The Bluetooth SIG is an industry group consisting of leading companies in the telecommunication and computing industries that are developing an open specification for wireless communication of data and voice. It is based on low-cost, short-range radio link, built into a 9x9mm integrated circuit, facilitating protected ad hoc connections for

stationary and mobile communications environments. The SIG is sponsored by Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, IBM, Intel, Nokia Mobile Phones and Toshiba.

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