SAN JOSE, Calif., Apr. 20, 1998–At Comdex Japan, Mita’s Salutation-enabled Network Connection Kit for Notes was named “Best of Comdex” in the category of Enterprise System Software. The award is the first major industry award given to a product based on the Salutation Architecture, open middleware technology for locating and controlling faxes, printers, copiers, and other computer equipment across the Internet or a company intranet. Comdex Japan ’98 was held April 6-9 in Tokyo.

“This prestigious award is an important recognition both for Mita and for the Salutation Architecture that gives Mita’s software a new class of capabilities,” said Robert F. Pecora, managing director of the Salutation Consortium. The Consortium, developer of the Salutation Architecture, is a non-profit corporation with 35 member organizations in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Mita’s Network Connection Kit for Notes, available in Japan, is an option for the Antico 10 and Antico 30 plain paper faxes. It is marketed in conjunction with NuOffice, IBM Japan’s Salutation extensions to the Lotus Notes office system. Salutation enables NuOffice users to fax directly to an email address, without intermediate scanning steps. NuOffice users can use the Antico 10 and Antico 30 as network scanner/fax/printer from a Notes desktop.

Edgar M. Tompkins, Mita marketing manager for the Integrated Document Imaging Division, said, “Customers using the Mita Salutation software with NuOffice are pleased with their ability to support their field sales forces and their telecommuting workers with convenient, timely, and secure access to information.” According to Tompkins, Mita is looking to support additional office system platforms supported and is investigating plans to launch the product in the US.

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