Tell me about the Simulator!

Salutation Consortium Announces the Availability of the Salutation API Simulator

The Salutation Consortium, in conjunction with Senior Technical Staff Consulting, announces the availability of the Salutation API Simulator.

What is Salutation API Simulator?

The Salutation API Simulator is a Windows 95 program which simulates the API calls of the Salutation Architecture Version 2 specification. It is designed as a self-teach learning tool for using the Salutation APIs in products and services you might be designing. With the standard Windows Graphical User Interface, the user points at a specific API 'button' to determine the function provided and the specific call attributes required. The Simulator will also indicate when calls are not to be used and simulates responses from other Salutation enabled devices.

The Salutation API Simulator is designed to be a companion to the Salutation Architecture Version 2 Specifications. You may obtain these specification from the World Wide Web at, or you may request a printed copy by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. The specification is free of charge and there are no licensing or royalty charges for its use.

What you need to run Salutation API Simulator

Salutation API Simulator uses the standard Windows 95 Graphical User Interface, so if you know how to use a mouse and keyboard in Windows 95, your all set. In fact, you only need to use the keyboard for setting a couple of the API attributes, everything else is set by using the mouse.

To install Salutation API Simulator, you need to know how to Install Windows 95 application programs. However, installing Salutation API Simulator is very easy. The installation program takes care of all the heavy-duty details such as installing the program icon and required .dll files.

To run Salutation API Simulator, you need and IBM compatible PC equipped as follows: