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The Salutation Consortium is a non-profit corporation that promotes and distributes, royalty-free and via open source, the Salutation Architecture, a service discovery and session management protocol developed and sponsored by leading information technology companies.  The Salutation Architecture is independent of operating system, communications protocol or hardware platform.  It provides information exchange among and between different wireless handheld devices and office automation equipment.

IBM's is a charter member of the Consortium. In addition to IBM, member companies include Canon, Consumer Electronics Assoc. (CEA), Continental Automated Buildings Assoc. (CABA), Fuji Xerox, Infrared Data Assoc., Konica, Kyocera Mita, Matsushita, Murata, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), Oki Data, Ricoh, and Seiko Epson.

Academic members include Dr. Tamel Bose - University of Colorado at Denver, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Roger Debry - Utah Valley State College, Computer Science Department, Marcus Giese - Montana State University, Kaspar Helldén - Linköping University, Sweden, Professor Alan Leong - University of Washington, Professor Wenching Liou  - National Chengchi University, Taiwan, Associate Professor of MIS, Dr. Steven Reiss - Brown University, Associate Chairman of Computer Science, Dr. Golden G. Richard III - University of New Orleans, Professor of Computer Science, Daniel Stevenson - MIT, Media Lab Research Assistant, Sudakshina Sharma Sarkar - Indian Institute of Technoloy, Delhi, India, Dr. Tomohiro Takagi - Meiji University, Department of Computer Science, Heath Westover - University of Washington, and Young Bok Yoon - Pusan National University, South Korea.


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