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The Salutation Consoritum White Papers are stored in Adobe Acrobat 3.01 (PDF) format.

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.01 or higher.

See the results of our Mobile Printing Study.

Learn about Mapping Salutation APIs to the Bluetooth Service Discovery Layer.

Learn about the role of Open Source in regards to Salutation-Lite .

For more information on the Consortium vision and how the Salutation Technologies can lead to a better-connected future, download the Salutation Consortium White Paper.

Learn how Salutation benefits pervasive computing by downloading Find-and-BindE Technologies for Mobile Devices.

See how Salutation Technologies stack up against Jini and UpnP in the discussion on Salutation Architectures and the newly defined service discovery protocols from Microsoft® and Sun®

Find out how Salutation Technologies can improve the use of hand-held and palm-size devices in the white paper on Geographic Computing: Enabling New Markets for Hand Held and Palm-Size Information Appliances.

Discover the Role of  Salutation in the Home.

Learn about the Consortium's organizational structure and the Salutation Technologies in the Salutation Consortium Overview .

To assist potential developers of Salutation-enabled applications, the Consortium has prepared White Papers defining, at a high level, the opportunity segments associated with Salutation and a high-level design for a Salutation Resource Manager.

Gain an understanding of how the Salutation Fax protocols can enhance transmission and reception of fax data-- Salutation Architecture Supports Faxing

Review the features and capabilities of the Salutation Testing Tool from Granite Systems, Inc. -- Salutation Testing Tool Command Reference and Workbook 

For specific information about the Consortium's Bylaws download the Salutation Consortium Bylaws.

You can receive additional information about the Salutation Consortium by dropping us an e-mail note at [email protected].

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